Meet The Twins……..


( Ashley(left)  Amy (right) )

Ashley E. is 1/2 of The Double Scoop. She is the author/blogger behind My 2 Cents and A Biscuit, a blog site she created in 2012 to share with the world her gift of gab and to explore and expand her love for writing. She has a love for music, health & fitness,  spoken word, film and the arts.

Amy Nicole is the other half of The Double Scoop. She is the author/blogger behind Silent Confessions of A Southern Belle, a blog site she also created in 2012 to pursue her love for writing.

The twins decided to bring their writing talents together and  their brainchild “The Double Scoop” was birthed. They were former contributors for ENTNEWS TV and they currently work as production assistants at Reel2Real Productions. You can find their work featured often in Inspire Magazine and on Confessions of An Ambitious Girl.

The Double Scoop is so much more than just another blog site; it’s a growing brand and business. Our aim is to provide a diverse array of quality content. In addition we want to showcase and promote the gifts and talents of the everyday grinders and dream-chasers. 

“We are all gifted, but we have to discover the gift, uncover the gift, and nurture and develop the gift.”